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They are the only mines for Welsh gold outside those of the Dolgellau gold-belt, and are a Scheduled Ancient Monument.

They are also the only known Roman gold mines in Britain, although it does not exclude the likelihood that they exploited other known sources in Devon, North Wales, Scotland and elsewhere.

It didn’t take long, though, for that rush to feel more like a dislocated dread.

It was difficult to concentrate and stay on task in the office with all the surrounding noise and movement, and I was often pulled away to consult on other projects outside my main work.

It turned out that Wednesday afternoons were when everyone in her office was out at meetings, and she took that time to lie down and meditate. She called it her “Costanza Hour”, which makes her one of the smartest people I have ever known.

Coworkers will assume that a scheduled meeting room demands privacy, and you will be able to work without being chatted up, touched, or otherwise harassed for the duration.

My stress traveled home with me and kept me up at night.I learned this trick from a woman with whom I sometimes shared work in another office.I dropped by her desk unannounced one day, and she emerged from a space on the other side with a small blanket and a pillow.Even with the limited amount of control I had over my physical work environment, I could still alter it in ways that worked with, rather than against, my introverted disposition.I focused on the things I could change, no matter how small.

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