Aunt for sex chat

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This is my house." "Well from now on, when it's Tuesday, its my house. I knew what time he came home from work and we were far from that time.

Do I have to keep reminding you what happens when you don't do as I say?

It was about a month before I left for college when Dad said that we should all take a road trip to a log cabin that we owned.

He always told me to have fun but be careful because he made mistakes as a kid as well.

Time passed and I grew out of my "addiction" to adventures.

Aunt Valerie and Mom shouted happily and hugged me tight. Here's the part where I tell you about my smoking hot mom and Aunt Valerie.

Mom is a little on the short side being 5 foot 1, but her killer features make up for it, especially her tits.

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