Catholic dating and relationships

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The exhortation actually is the second one issued by our Bishops conference for this year.Early in January this year, they also issued a more detailed pastoral letter entitled Pastoral Guidelines on the Use of Social Media.The love for Charity in the use of social media dictates that whenever we post something it really comes down in a respectful manner.Bashing and destroying another person’s reputation has no place for a Catholic who wants to be fully active in the world of social media.

Whenever I use the social media, I simply put the love for truth and for charity as my guiding principle.The love for truth, as the Pastoral exhortation Consecrate Them in the Truth says, is a challenge to do four things in relation to the world of social media.It challenges us to 1) refrain from patronizing and sharing fake news sites, 2) refute falsehood and present whatever are the true facts behind an event, 3) refuse to be purveyors of fake new sites ourselves, and 4) identify the sources of fake news.Even Pope Francis himself has been using it as a powerful tool of evangelizing those at the peripheries.However, we also acknowledge that social media also has its devastating effects.

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