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UKan Teach prepares future secondary (6th- through 12th-grade) math and science teachers by encouraging students to learn to teach while pursuing a 4-year bachelor’s degree. An introduction to the history and key concepts of American Studies. Not open to students who have taken AMS 112 or SOC 112. (Same as SOC 112.) Prerequisite: Membership in the University Honors Program or approval by the American Studies Program. UKan Teach invites all KU students to take (1 hour), the first course in the UKan Teach sequence. Students explore major changes in American culture through the critical reading and analysis of primary and secondary source material. Prerequisite: Membership in the University Honors Program or approval by the American Studies Program. Undergraduate students enrolled in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Students are expected to make timely progress towards completing their degree requirements. Prerequisite: Native, near-native or second language competence, or satisfactory completion of fourth level language proficiency. In an effort to have students remain compliant with the requirements of the KU Core and the College, students are required to complete the Written Communication and Quantitative Literacy requirements of both the KU Core and their degrees within the first year of undergraduate study. Designed for native and near-native speakers, this course involves reading newspapers and other publications in the language intended for native speakers, conversation, oral presentations, and advanced grammar. The mission of the College, as reflected in KU’s bachelor’s degree requirements, is to provide such an education. degree is offered by all natural science areas except human biology, as well as economics and behavioral neuroscience. With fewer required non-science general education degree requirements, the B. View the list of College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Departments & Programs. The social structure and organization of American society with special reference to recent social changes. The College takes full advantage of KU’s role as a research institution to ensure that the knowledge imparted to students is current and that they learn the skills of inquiry and critical evaluation. degree is an option allowing intentional breadth, consisting of the completion of the KU Core and one of two options for degree completion. In addition to the KU Core, students complete general education degree and major requirements determined by each program offering the degree and may be different for each B. The following combinations of degrees are allowable within the College as long as the student has completed at least 15 hours unique to each major: Students who wish to work simultaneously for a degree from the College and a degree from one of the professional schools may do so, with the expectation that all general education requirements are met for both degrees. This course offers a survey of the history of human sexuality in the Western world; the second half of the semester emphasizes the American experience. (Same as SOC 330.) Prerequisite: An introductory course in sociology or American studies.

Look at each department’s overview page to begin to understand their unique contribution to your education. Selected successful black leaders will be invited to visit the class from time to time. Students are expected to meet the requirement of Goal 1, Learning Outcome 2 of the KU Core in their first year of study. A practical Wolof language course involving advanced study of the grammar, reading of texts on a variety of subjects, conversation, and composition. Designed for students who have had two or more years of Wolof study. Students should pay close attention to their degree specific requirements (such as for the Bachelor of Arts) given that certain degrees require specific Goal 1, Learning Outcome 2 courses to meet both KU Core and degree specific requirements. In general, the student is subject to the requirements in place at the time of admission as a degree-seeking student. KULAC is a pioneering program that seeks to equip students with real competency in a second language through a curriculum of courses and discussion sections taught in world languages in fields like business, history, politics, and the environment. A broad introduction to religion in American culture. In addition to tracing developments in literature, architecture, drama, music, and the visual arts, this course will investigate patterns and changes in the popular, domestic, and material culture of everyday life in America. Topics may include: independent black churches, magical practices, the Holiness and Pentecostal movements, black Islam, religious freemasonry, and esoteric faiths. African American Women: Colonial Era to the Present. This interdisciplinary course covers the history of African American women, beginning in West and Central Africa, extending across the Middle Passage into the Americas, and stretching through enslavement and freedom into the 21st century. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers 4 degrees at the baccalaureate level: The majority of students in the College earn a B. KULAC classes allow you to study subjects that meet your interests (and graduation requirements) while sharpening your language skills, including the specialized vocabulary used in your career. An introduction to the Latino/a population (Mexican-Americans, Puerto Ricans, Cuban-Americans, Dominican-Americans, and Central and South Americans) in the US. This class emphasizes the well-established religions with large followings (viz. (Same as HIST 310.) Prerequisite: AMS 100 or AMS 110 or H IST 128. The class emphasizes the influence of gender, class, race, migration, and urbanization on black religion. The readings cover their experiences through secondary and tertiary source materials, as well as autobiographies and letters, plays and music, and poems, novels, and speeches.

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