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In a text message Monday, Angel countered with, “I am relieved to say I am no longer engaged or in a relationship. Left in the ashes is the final cut of the “Bailalo” video, which, because of the discord, might never be made public.Better off finding out about someone’s true character now before it’s too late.” The Mexican talk show “Ventaneando” had earlier accused Angel of cheating on the pop star. But Angel does have an impressive, nine-minute clip of how it came together.

Angel even took to Twitter to make the announcement, saying: artist...The video is an adventurous effort, featuring Belinda riding a wheelie on a bicycle with a unicorn head atop its Swarovski-crystal handlebars. There is a healthy use of slow-motion videography, black-and-white effects, and scenes of Belinda in a schoolgirl’s dress, Britney Spears-style. Pepper character from “Love” at The Mirage and the sand crab from “Ka” at MGM Grand.As a subplot to this effort, Angel and Belinda had been romantically linked since July 2016, and were reportedly engaged this year.Angel even had “Beli” tattooed on his left chest in her honor.But that relationship officially hit the skids Sunday, just a day before Angel posted the video of the making of ‘Bailalo.” Sunday night, Belinda tweeted, “I’m not going to talk or give any more details about my personal life.

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