Dating advice for men the tao of badass

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Since every single zombietime post receives its own notification on zomblog, you can keep tabs on all my work by bookmarking just three pages: • My dedicated column at Pajamas Media; • My stream at The Tatler; and • zomblog.

With those three bookmarks, you’ll catch just about everything I publish as “zombie” these days.

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In theory, I had cross-post PJM photo essays at zombietime, the version posted at zombietime will sometimes have slightly larger photos, will all be on one page (instead of broken up into several pages), and will be ad-free and distraction-free — so many readers still consider the zombietime version (if there is one) as the “official” version of any zombie post.From the day I started zomblog, I have new zombietime essay, without fail. So that if you subscribe to the zomblog RSS feed, you are guaranteed to learn of any and all new posts at zombietime (as infrequent as they may be). In theory, I really to post on zomblog notifications of each and every new essay I pubish at Pajamas Media, but I often use up all my available “blogging time” just creating the PJM report in the first place, and never get around to making a zomblog post about it.zombietime is not just a place where I post photo essays: it also exists as a permanent museum of classic (yet still wildly popular) picture collections like the Mohammed Image Archive and the (woefully out-of-date) zombietime Hall of Shame, among others. My goal with zombietime is to maintain a complete “purity of message,” each report being a single self-contained page 100% devoted to nothing but whatever topic I’m addressing, with no outside distractions of any kind. Terribly disorganized of me, I realize, but until I really get my act together (not likely), my zomblog/PJM notifications will remain inconsistent.Since 2010, everything that’s appeared at zombietime has also simultaneously appeared at PJM.I planned to occasionally post zombietime-only “exclusives” that appear here and nowhere else, but once again the shortness of free blogging time and the general disorganization has prevented that from happening.

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