Dating porcelain shards

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By the time he reaches the corner JACK has swaggered up alongside him.

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Leaning on the hood, waving hi, is the dandyish JACK NAPIER -- flanked by two impressive GOONS.

At this exact moment two uniformed PATROLMEN drag a brain- fried NICK past the mouth of the alley.

ECKHARDT takes a fat brown envelope from JACK and stuffs it quickly in his coat.

Screaming now, he drags himself across the gravel roof, the looming figure of the BAT at his heels... DENT (on the TV screen) Together we can make Gotham city a safe place for decent people to live and work and play.

He whacks a motionless EDDIE on the arm -- NICK (cont.) I'm gettin' outta here. A GLOVED HAND slices through the air, and NICK pitches forward, his legs ensnared in a tangle of WIRES. NICK cowers against the ledge, his pants torn, his hands and knees bloody. By now the hammer is falling on an empty chamber, but NICK continues, obsessively, to pull the trigger. THE BAT grabs a fistful of NICK's shirt, and with supernatural ease HOISTS HIM into the air. The gruesome black apparition speaks, in a rasping whisper: BATMAN I won't kill you. In the background: a TV set tuned to the 11 o'clock news, with highlights of HARVEY DENT's campaign speech. ALICIA finds JACK's necktie draped over a nearby chair.

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