Dating sim rpg hints

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The tilesets and sprites have been altered to further originate the game.

The Deluxe edition of the game has yet another exciting new edition in store, along with the main castle theme of the game is an all new soundtrack of songs composed just for Castle Chase by the wonderful Tarranon! *blows dust off this blog* Aisling Cait has recently translated Castle Chase into Spanish! Nice to see a game with a simple acheivable goal for once.

You can check it out and download on his tumblr over HERE. A lot of games sprung up during game gale and a lot will never be finished, but this one looks like it could make it.

For now, it looks simple, unique, fun which is what all game gale games should be. Here is why the premise of this game does not work.

Since my younger brother is a boy, he is the one destined to take the throne and be King. To train hard to be a proper lady so that maybe one day I could be married off to another kingdom's Prince.

My name is Princess Monica Logelin; the eldest of the two children born to the Logelin Kingdom.

Found a neat item, but you can't imagine what it might be for?

Your greatest resource is right there with you within Castle Logelin's walls!

The deluxe edition has worked towards fixing the bugs and flaws of the original release as well as adding new content: two new endings, several variations of existing endings, and more.

Multiple Endings During the course of the game, the player will be faced with many options in order to help Monica pick her date for the evening.

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