Dating the dark side manually updating pandion emotion icons

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Whether you’re looking for a hot date, a hookup or something more serious, the tech you use to get you there is generally designed with one goal in mind: to keep you coming back for more.

For the businesses that develop these apps, achieving this kind of habitual and sustained use is the holy grail, not least because the data they stand to gain from such engagement can be significant. Well, as if the prospect of hundreds of beautiful, mysterious dates aren’t enough to get people hooked, designers have become increasingly wise as to which levers they can pull to make that swipe (and the next, and the next…) simply irresistible.

When we’re hunting out new, exciting and even risky experiences, dopamine’s often involved in that sense of wanting that urges us forward.

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Firstly, get out of the chemical cage – remove the external triggers by turning off your notifications.

Secondly, if you want the hit or you enjoy the experience of the chase but don’t want to be dominated by it, you can limit yourself to (for instance) 10 swipes a day.

Sure, it may feel easier to flick through a few photoshopped images and a couple of straplines than meet offline, but by simplifying the variables in such a way, we’re potentially missing out on vital clues that could make finding the right match so much clearer.

In a set-up where variety and novelty is abundant, and finding someone new and exciting for a hookup or date feels like it’s on tap, it’s no wonder why so many people find it hard to pull away.

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