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It received praise for its depiction of a relationship between two gay characters, but mixed reviews for highlighting the issue of anorexia and bulimia in teenage girls.Joining the main cast are Jamie Johnston, who was cast as Peter Stone (10 episodes).Downtown Sasquatch has a wedding gig, and Craig decides to put all of his focus on the music, but things get complicated when Manny and Ellie vie for Craig's attention. are back together and looking to buy an apartment, but with no income, J. The one-year anniversary of the school shooting opens up old wounds for everyone involved.Meanwhile, Joey has a date with the bride's sister but wonders if he's too old for her when he overhears her friends gossiping about him. attempt to keep Danny from telling their parents about the baby. Spinner goes with Darcy to the Friendship Club's annual retreat, where he has to deal with his demons."Degrassi features ongoing stories of real-life teen dilemmas—including intense gay and lesbian storylines—and does it without the righteous, 'On a Very Special Blossom' endings that many teen dramas and sitcoms thrive on." Despite being well received by audiences and the generally good reviews, season five received only two nominations for awards.At the Gemini Awards, Jim Mc Grath won the category for "Best Original Music Score for a Dramatic Series".In her pursuit to become a Hollywood actress, Manny contemplates getting plastic surgery after a casting agent criticizes her weight, and it doesn't sit well with her parents.

Degrassi: The Next Generation is a Canadian serial teen drama television series. on The N, a digital cable network aimed at teenagers and young adults.Paige has her whole future planned out: She is going to the best Canadian university, Banting, she will live with Matt, and everything will be perfect. Meanwhile, Jimmy is proud to be the new basketball coach, but a new member, Derek, causes trouble. The couple experiences problems as reality begins to set in. learns that getting out of the drug-dealing business is dangerous as he travels down a path of self-destruction that could cause him to lose the people about whom he cares the most.Meanwhile, when they begin dating, Spinner grows worried that Darcy will find out about his involvement in the school shooting. Meanwhile, Emma, tired of being a "third wheel" to Manny and Craig, decides to go on a date with Derek, but she really wants to be with Peter. Meanwhile, Snake faces similar obstacles when he looks back onto his life and realizes that he isn't happy.Laura Betker of the Winnipeg Sun said "Thankfully, the show moves far away from the health-class ideal that anorexia and bulimia simply stem from self-conscious teens. The display of the disease was truthful and progressive, while the acting was at an all time high... [She] performs with strength and credibility." Bill Harris of the Toronto Sun criticized the episodes' "ham-fisted handling of anorexia" and wrote: "It’s just that, well, the Degrassi foray, while well-intentioned, leaves you hungry for a fresh insight, some relevant information, a compelling storyline, good writing, believable dialogue, anything." Harris even went as far as saying, "That Degrassi episode was so bad it made me want to throw up."The show's treatment of the gay characters avoids being heavy handed or reducing their characters to little more than clichéd archetypes, such as the ‘tragic' one, or the ‘funny side kick', or the ‘bitchy' one.Rather, it displays it as the ugly disease that it truly is... Nor are these characters just the colourful friends and unpaid therapists of the straight girl.

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