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Donny was married to this mostly-toothless, chain-smoking hag, completely repulsive...except for a perfect ass.I found out that before I moved in, Donny had the hots for my girlfriend; from what I understand, she had even caught him peeking into the windows one night, but had chased him off. So, one night --after she had passed out, I caught this motherfucker staring in at her while she slept. I pushed him against the wall, and asked him, "What the fuck are you doing?In biology, a hermaphrodite is an organism that has reproductive organs normally associated with both male and female sexes.[1]Many taxonomic groups of animals (mostly invertebrates) do not have separate sexes.[2] In these groups, hermaphroditism is a normal condition, enabling a form of sexual reproduction in which both partners can act as the "female" or "male".

One day, I found out about one of our neighbors --I'll call him Donny here.

All the while, I was imagining this scuzzy-looking guy fucking my girlfriend. My thoughts finally gave way, and I told him to follow me.

We walked to the bedroom where my sweet-smelling girlfriend was sleeping.

I began to finger her thinking that she would wake up, but she didn't.

Instead, she started gyrating her hips and got incredibly wet. I disentangled my legs and climbed between hers, slamming into her.

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