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Some are more difficult than others, and the sequence of what you need to do first (get an address, driver’s license, register vehicles, etc.) can vary by quite a bit.New identification rules for getting a driver’s license can make it more and more difficult for a nomadic person to meet the requirements.You may intend to be considered domiciled in, say, South Dakota – but if you spend most your time in a more tax-aggressive state you may find yourself unintentionally considered as a resident – and thus owing state taxes, or being ticketed for not having your vehicles properly registered (Here’s a guide from AAA that goes over vehicle registration rules for each state.) If you’re going to be in a state regularly and long enough to meet their residency conditions, it may be a good idea to just setup your domicile there anyway.If you have circumstances that are anything but straightforward – it’s highly advised you consult a domicile savvy attorney or advisor for guidance.If you’re earning an income, a state without a state income tax may be most appealing.

Most of the obstacles center around one critical choice – where will your legal permanent address be if you’re no longer maintaining a fixed home? Answering questions about how we get our mail is surprisingly one of our most frequent questions! How does one handle all of these logistical things when you don’t have a physical fixed home address?There’s always a way around, and it really isn’t even all that complicated.The first step is deciding where you want to be “from”.

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