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Live video chat rooms are the facilities on the internet whereby you can have a conversation with another person on the other end, in real time.The chat usually includes sound and video - which means that both parties have a conversation almost as if they are sitting across a table - talking and seeing each other face to face.This is quite useful for having video chats on the Internet, as the data amount and data speed are very important to have 'real time' conversations.For conducting a live video chat you will need a computer which is connected to the internet (preferably via broadband), a webcam (for video), audio speakers (to hear), and a mike (to speak).Live video chat rooms have been a prominent feature of the Internet and have gained popularity with the advent of Broadband services.This is because broadband facilitates greater speed and large amounts of data can be transmitted via a broadband connection.Webcams, speakers, and mikes are easily available with any computer accessories store and even online.

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