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As athletes we have the greatest incentive to be safe and healthy.

We all know how short our careers can be and very few of us are compensated for the risks we take.

The ski regulations, particularly in GS have brought together the athletes like never before 41 out of the top 50 men signed a petition against the rules and in Soelden 15 of the top 20 men in GS (Austrians didn’t come) met to discuss the rules.

(It should be noted that only 2 racers have advocated for the rules; Hannes Reichelt and Benjamin Raich along with one Ski Company Amer Sports or also known as Atomic and Salomon.) In which we all opposed the imposed ski regulations and agreed that the ultimate goal was to eliminate FIS from equipment regulation.

Most recently word is that FIS is thinking about suing Jon Olsson for his choice comments he made on his blog about the ski regulations and posting “FIS SUCKS” logo on his site.

On the World Cup it is pretty rare when the vast majority of the athletes agree on anything.Another way it will ruin the sport is the economically side.Ski racing is to ski technology as Formula 1 is to car technology.FIS has shown that they don’t value athletes, as seen in this instance in their complete disregard for our input.FIS’s study was based around 2 on snow sessions with several Europa Cup skiers.

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