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Two young spinners bowling with a lot of heart, speaks volumes about their characters.Really augurs well for us how the team is shaping up.As for India, aren't they looking more and more impressive with each passing game, especially in the bowling department!Australia will have a tough time reversing this scoreline.Bumrah's skid off the pitch did Stoinis in there and he ended up miscuing the shot Chahal to Stoinis, 1 run, poor ball.Short and turns to become wide, Stoinis slaps to sweeper cover There's some issue with the sight-screen. Tries to defend and pokes an edge to Dhoni who is vigilant as always.To be honest, the wicket wasn't easy to bat on throughout the day.Bhuvi's spell became even more important because we knew the wrist-spinners would do damage in the middle.

Their bowlers have done a fantastic job yet again to convincingly defend a total which was around par, you would imagine.It wasn't easy to bat, plus the bowling attack was quality as well. Didn't come off in Chennai, so it didn't look nice.Smith: We were pretty happy with 250, thought we pulled things back pretty well. Batters though made poor decisions, and you can't do that against a quality team like India.I always try to create that kind of motivation for myself.Sometimes things don't come off for you but I try and stay in the same zone.

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