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That’s why things are so complicated — she obviously cares about her career but she cares about him as well. You can be the kind of person who sets a rule and says, "I’m never gonna do this," but I think for me personally I would never be able to say, "I’m not this kind of person." My experience in the world is that you never really know who you’re gonna meet, when you’re gonna meet them, and how they’re gonna make you feel, so personally, to put a limit on oneself in that way isn’t that something that would work for me. I was really nervous so I do this thing where I rock back and forth on my heels, and I was doing that and one of the heels just snapped off from under my foot. They glued [the heel back on] because they didn’t have a second pair. Follow Eliza on Twitter and Cosmo Celeb on Facebook.It’s complicated and tricky and in some circumstances can be really risky, but if you find somebody that you think is really special and worth exploring, love is always worth it, no matter what the risk. It’s really exciting to think about what could happen in season two with everybody’s story lines, because the finale is a little bit of, “Ah!

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You grow up being taught to be easy to deal with, at least that’s how I felt. I live in Brooklyn and I’m like, "Um, this is unrealistic." But also I love watching it. It was my first time being on a television set ever. I had this scene where I had to be typing on the computer and I was slamming so hard on the keys.And Richie, who has deepened his roots in country music (even releasing an album of his best-known songs rerecorded as duets with country artists), shared the stage with Bryan during the CMT Artists of the Year ceremony in 2013.And just last year, Bryan was part of the Grammy Awards tribute to Richie.“In their respective genres of music, both Luke and Lionel possess insurmountable popularity and award-winning talent that are undeniable, and we are lucky that they will help in paving the way for hopefuls pursuing their dreams on our stage," Channing Dungey, president of ABC Entertainment, said in a statement. The pay is terrible and she's still fetching coffee, but she's finding ways to make it work.Here, Meghann talks about the importance of asking for what you want and Sutton's difficult office romance.

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