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She loves her son, but going through her pregnancy and childbirth alone, and being a single mother was not her dream.Gisele and Brady were set up on a blind date the same month that he announced he and Moynahan had recently broken up.

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I can go back to private texts and enjoying the game congrats #TB and @Patriots #letsmoveon," Bridget, 44, tweeted."8 years ago today a little angel was born," she wrote."Happy birthday to the sweetest bigger brother in the world! Thank you for bringing so much joy into our lives."WATCH: Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen 'Going Through a Rocky Point,' But Still 'Very Much In Love'Watch the video below for more on Tom's big Deflategate win.This was a first wedding for her, and we think that there might be more children in the future for her and her new man.It cannot be easy to have the life she’s had since her breakup with Brady, but they get along perfectly well – as do she and Gisele.

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