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"I'd only had a few hire purchases, and I have never had a late payment, so I found it a bit weird," she says."It really shocked me."She was determined to get to the bottom of the mystery, so she Googled "How to check your credit file".Ordinary people get easier access to their credit files, but consent to be marketed to.When Mc Gregor checked, she found she owed 0 to Genesis, or would have, had she ever been a customer of the company.We offer same day shipping from our New Zealand based dispatch warehouse which means super fast delivery times to all customers in both the North & South Island.All orders are shipped in plain, unbranded packaging and no reference to our company name or sex toys will appear on your bank statement.Identity theft happens, and sometimes, the culprits are family members.

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To their horror, their bank said it wouldn't lend them a red cent because it had found a credit "default" logged on her credit file.

That's just over one per cent of the 280,000 Kiwis registered with Credit Simple," she says. She shut a credit card account when she moved from one bank to another following a dispute. She doubts it."When humans and systems are involved, things will always go wrong," she says."Mistakes happen, so keeping an eye on your credit file and making sure all data is correct is so important.

The bank made an entry into her credit file that it had closed the account as an enforcement action. People risk being turned down for credit thanks to unpaid bills or bad debts if they don't spot things incorrectly being attributed to them."Mc Gregor agrees, and she's now become an advocate of keeping an eye on your credit file."We are all so uneducated about our credit reports," she says.

If they see something that indicates you are not a good risk, they may decide they don't want to do business with you.

That sends a powerful message to people to pay their bills on time.

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