Ps3 having trouble updating games

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Whatever your belief in the power of 'open', or your personal preference in gaming power, Valve's rise to being the dominant force in PC gaming and its representative in the wider industry is a positive and interesting move.

Valve starts from the opposite side of the pitch from Sony and Microsoft - it operates a supremely successful software platform with no hardware attached, while the others are hardware manufacturers (perhaps ironically in Microsoft's case) whose software platform evolved later and is still tied to specific hardware devices.

The story of Steam is fascinating precisely because anyone predicting this outcome back in 2003 would have been laughed out of the room - and Valve is clearly in no mood to sit back and crush its carefully-tended laurels.

The industry is still digesting the potential impact of the company's three recent announcements.

Whether you're looking to combat fierce foes in multiplayer matches, embark on fun-filled quests and adventures or just meet up with your friends, is the place.

One of the most anticipated MMORPGs in history, Cabal didn´t disappoint gamers and critics alike with its hybrid gameplay that combines role-playing and arcade elements into one.

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