Should keep updating firefox

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Usually, Firefox automatically recognizes third party software installed on your computer and integrates required plugins from there.Issues may occur in Firefox, if you have not updated plugins or software that provides necessary plugins, e.g. Open Add-ons: icon and compare the plugins you have with the versions listed on the website. Make sure you disable second and third instances of the same plugin.

I recommend to make separate backups for bookmarks, passwords and extensions, rather than entire profile backups.

It tells you whether the problem is in your personal customization (extensions, settings, plugins) or whether it’s a general issue with the browser, independent of your personal user profile (corrupted installation, compatibility issue with other software etc.).

Run Firefox in Safe Mode: Saikat has recently written a post about How to Use Mozilla Firefox in Safe Mode, which provides more details and also explains how to launch it under Linux and Mac OS X.

While Mozilla’s “open to user manipulation” nature generally is a benefit, it can also cause a lot of issues.

As a result, Mozilla’s flagship browser may be buggy, i.e.

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