Updating abit bios

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When this happens to me, I have an instant advantage as I have a replacement part for basically any computer component at my fingertips.

I also have a magic boot disc that repairs missing files on my hard drive and will boot up any computer, fix and install Windows easy.

This is the simplest computer black screen you can get.

Most of the time you can tell if your computer video card is deteriorating by seeing little tell tale signs.

No beeps, no cursor, no logo screen, and no choice to boot to safe mode or access the bios.

If your computer will not boot up and you get a beep sequence, I am not saying it is good news, however it is a step in the right direction towards solving this problem.

Now you can clean up the cooling module or replace the fan if it failed. If your DC jack failed, simply disconnect the failed harness and replace it with a new DC jack harness (again, it should be same part for both HP G62 and Compaq Presario CQ62 laptops).

On the other side of the motherboard and you access the cooling module (cooling fan and heatsink) and CMOS battery. It’s attached to the harness which can be unplugged from the motherboard.

I have to be honest, there are literally hundred’s of reasons why your computer might have a black screen.Hopefully your problem will be something relatively basic. Many people rush and press to start Windows normally and sometimes this causes a serious problem.If you see the screen that tells you your computer had an error, do not choose to start normally, choose to start in safe mode now. Your Windows Operating System could have some corrupt files preventing it from loading.This probably means that you have started the computer, possibly seen a logo and then hit a black screen on your computer.In this situation I would let Windows fix its own files by using the system file checker (SFC) command.

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