Video chat en vivo face to face dating a featherweight sewing machine

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ANDROID oo Voo is the best video chat app for Android and the best multi-platform video calling solution there is.

Quality-wise, it's not quite on par with Face Time, but Face Time is limited to i OS and OSX and can only place calls over Wi-Fi.

Until recently, however, there haven't been many good ways to video chat using your smartphone—the services just weren't mature enough.

But that all changed with smartphone innovator Apple's release of Face Time with the i Phone 4, the real kickoff of the video chat craze.

So if you're looking to video chat with friends, and you don't want to worry about who has what device or what type of connection you're on, oo Voo for i Phone is the app to beat.

Next to oo Voo, these are the best video calls we've experienced on Android.

But everyone else needs a good video chat app, too.

There have been plenty of contenders for Face Time's crown on both the i OS and Android platforms, but most of them were heavy on features and light on video quality.

Facebook has added a new feature to Messenger that could make other chat apps redundant.

With Video Calling in Facebook Messenger, you no longer have to rely on Skype, Viber or Face Time to talk with your friends face-to-face.

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