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He doesn’t worry about getting things right; he’s more concerned about understanding the clues, especially if they involve puns. (Exploit this, Ken and Brad.) Watson is represented by a swirly avatar that looks like the logo representing IBM’s smarter-planet campaign.But watch it carefully, because it will give hints about Watson’s mood—green means he’s confident, orange means he’s struggling.

As a college student he decided to study philosophy though he realized over the duration of his course that he wanted to pursue a career in journalism. was to host the new game show, ‘The Wizard of Odds’.

It’s the nerd Super Bowl, and unlike the actual Super Bowl the outcome of this contest may influence the course of civilization.

(More on that later.)Watson, as you may have heard, is the result of a four-year research project to build the smartest machine on earth.

According to the researchers at IBM, there isn’t any one category in which Watson is vulnerable, but here’s hoping “Jeopardy!

” ’s Clue Crew will pose a special Valentine’s Day query.

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