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The offering of lamps is one of the main aspects of the worship of the Bodhi-tree (bodhi-puja).

) and recites a simple phrase like the well-known Namo tassa formula (see below); nowadays the term sadhu has become quite popular with the Sinhala Buddhists for this purpose.

The vibrating sound waves produced by the sonorous and mellifluous chanting adds to the effect of the truths enunciated.

Accordingly he preaches a suitable sermon for about an hour s duration to the assembled audience, which inevitably consists of the deceased s relatives and the neighbours of the household.

The epithets tilokadipa ( lamp unto the three worlds ) and tamonuda ( dispeller of darkness ) as applied to the Buddha are significant in this context.

This is followed by the recitation in chorus of the well-known stanza: Anicca vata sankhara, uppadavayadhammino.

The thread is used by tying a piece around the arm or the wrist, and the water by drinking it or sprinkling it, according to requirements.

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